Made to measure bird cage sleeping cover Parrot Funhouse
Made to measure bird cage sleeping cover Parrot Funhouse Customers review
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Made to measure bird cage sleeping cover Parrot Funhouse Customer review

Made To Measure Bird Cage Sleeping Cover

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  1. Length, width and height of your bird cage(s) excluding the stand
  2. Your delivery address 

Do your birds..

  1. stay in an area of the house that is artificially lighted until the late evening? 
  2. seem to be disturbed by activity around the cage at bedtime?
  3. get restless and scream in the evening because they are unable to sleep? 
  4. start chirping and screaming at dawn, making it difficult for you to sleep well too?

Birds require 10-12 hours of sleep every night in a dark, quiet spot to stay healthy and well-rested. Without adequate sleep, birds get stressed and have lower immunity. Many behavioral issues such as screaming, aggression, irritability, feather plucking and chronic egg laying are caused or worsened by lack of sufficient sleep.

Our high-quality sleeping covers 

  1. provide your birds a conducive environment to rest
  2. help your birds get the optimal amount of sleep
  3. help your birds regulate their body clocks 
  4. reduce behavioral problems caused by lack of quality sleep
  5. allow you and your family to continue your evening routine without disturbing your birds' sleep by blocking out artificial light

(As our bird cage sleeping covers are made to order, please allow up to 10 days for production. We will notify you when the covers are completed before despatch)

Features of our cage covers:

Custom made to fit nearly any cage brand or size

High quality, durable premium fabric that will last you many years of daily use

Black-out fabric blocks natural and artificial light - tightly woven premium fabric to prevent light leakage even if bird cage is kept in an artificially lighted environment

Breathable material (no zips) - Overlapping flaps to prevent light leakage while ensuring good ventilation for birds to sleep well. No more piling thick blankets and towels over the cage

Cover cage completely or partially - Great when introducing covers to birds or with birds who have night frights (esp cockatiels)

Convenient front flap allows for for easy placement and removal

Optional handle for hanging when not in use (optional +$5)

Machine washable

Premium blackout breathable nylon

Important notes
The bird cage sleeping cover is meant to be used as a sleeping cover only. NEVER use the bird cage cover as a punishment, to scare or quieten the bird. Doing so will negatively impact your relationship with your bird and cause phobia towards the cover.

When introducing the bird cage sleeping cove to your birds, monitor them for the first few days until you are sure they are not reacting negatively to the cover.

Fabric care and storage notes
The cage cover can be hand or machine-washed or wiped with a soft cloth. Exposure to heat can cause the cage cover fabric to warp and crease permanently. Prolonged exposure to outdoor elements can also cause increased wear and tear of the cage cover.


✓ Cold wash only

✓ Dry in the shade

✓ Hang to dry

Do not:

✕ Do not iron

✕ Do not machine wash in high temperatures

✕ Do not spin or tumble dry

✕ Do not wring

✕ Do not expose to strong sunlight

✕ Do not bleach or use fabric softener

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