Classic Bird Toy Pack A

Classic Bird Toy Pack A

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Combining the best of all our toy packs, the Classic Toy Pack is for the parrot up for some big F U N!

In this toy pack, you will find EVERY enrichment need covered - shredding, chewing, foraging, preening, climbing and foot toys at great value.

Your parrot will be entertained for hours with 7 of our most popular shreddingchewingforagingclimbing, preening and foot toys with a variety of textures, different materials and interesting shapes.

Classic Bird Toy Pack A contains:

  1. 1 Boredom Breaker Blossom Tower (12x12x26cm)
  2. 1 Super Vine Twist Foot Toy (8.5x16cm)
  3. 1 Rainbow Sisal Preening Toy (14x18cm)
  4. 1 Stainless Steel Birdie Skewer (12cm)
  5. 1 Woven Wonders Tyre Shredder (9x3x24cm)
  6. 1 Natural Untreated Rattan Ball (5x5cm)
  7. 1 Banana Leaf Swing-a-ball (8x26cm)

Suitable for small parrots such as parrotlets, budgies, lovebirds, cockatiels, conures and other similar sized birds. The toys are suitable for all types of cages.

Fair trade and eco-friendly bird toys
Some of the toys in this toy pack are handmade by artisans in the Philippines through a certified fair trade cooperative providing gainful employment and support for hundreds of families.

Imported from Europe
All of the toys in this toy pack are imported from Europe, which means the toys have passed rigorous EU safety standards.

Made of 100% bird safe materials
These toys are handmade using 100% bird-safe and non-toxic materials such as abaca, agave (cactus wood), bamboo, palm leaf, seagrass, sisal and vegetable-tanned leather, vine; many of which your bird might encounter in the wild.

Metal hanging clips supplied with the toys are all made of bird-safe nickel-plated steel (NO lead/zinc).

When introducing new toys to your bird, monitor your bird with the toy for the first few days until you are sure he is interacting safely with his new toy.

The toys in this toy pack are designed to be destructible, yet durable. Examine the toys on a regular basis and replace the toy if it becomes excessively damaged.

Some of the toys come with a metal cage clip. When hanging the toys on the cage bars ensure that the cage clip is fully screwed on to prevent entrapment.

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