Boredom Breaker Coconut Fibre Stacker Parrot Funhouse
Real life photo Boredom Breaker Coconut Fibre Stacker Parrot Funhouse

Boredom Breaker Coconut Fibre Stacker

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One of our most popular bird toys just restocked!

If you have a small parrot who is a super-chewer, he (and you) will love how durable this toy is! The Coconut Fibre Stacker by Boredom Breaker is made of Coffee (Java) wood discs and mahogany pods are extremely hard and durable which provides good exercise for the beak. 

Play ideas for the Boredom Breakers Coconut Fibre Stacker

  • Simply as a chewing toy
  • Preening toy: Parrots can safely pull, pick at and pull apart the coconut fibres

Size: 22x5cm

Suitable for small to medium sized parrots from budgies to amazons and other similar sized birds.

Why do birds need chewing toys?

Chewing is a natural activity for parrots and is critical to their psychological well being.

Parrot beaks were designed for chewing. Wild parrots spend hours each day utilizing their strong beaks to chew leaves and bark, chiseling away at nest holes, tearing up branches looking for food or extracting food from a pea pod or walnut. You might have seen your own birds chewing on their perches or even your wood furniture!

By providing chewing toys, you will provide your bird with opportunities for natural activities similar to those that would occur in the wild. Not only does this activity keep beaks and nails healthy, but it helps maintain alertness and mental stability. You will have happier birds who are interested in exploring and chewing their toys than screaming and developing other behavioral problems.

Fair trade and eco-friendly bird toys
This toy is handmade by artisans in the Philippines through a certified fair trade cooperative providing gainful employment and support for hundreds of families.

Imported from Europe
This toy is imported from Europe, which means the toy has passed rigorous EU safety standards.

Handmade using 100% bird safe, natural and non-toxic materials
Coffee (Java) wood, mahogany pods, coconut fibres, palm leaf, abaca

The metal hanging clip supplied with the toy is made of bird-safe nickel-plated steel (NO lead/zinc)

When introducing new toys to your bird, monitor your bird with the toy for the first few days until you are sure he is interacting safely with his new toy.

This toy is designed to be destructible, yet durable. Examine the toy on a regular basis and replace it if it becomes excessively damaged.

This toy comes with a metal cage clip. When hanging the toy on the cage bars ensure that the cage clip is fully screwed on to prevent entrapment.

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Or get it in these toy packs

Also found in these rescue packs