BIRDKIN Travel Carrier for Small Parrots Parrot Funhouse
Size measurement of BIRDKIN Travel Carrier for Small Parrots Parrot Funhouse
BIRDKIN Travel Carrier for Small Parrots wood handle Parrot Funhouse
Lovebird perching in BIRDKIN Travel Carrier for Small Parrots Parrot Funhouse
Lovebird eating in BIRDKIN Travel Carrier for Small Parrots Parrot Funhouse
BIRDKIN Travel Carrier for Small Parrots sustainably sourced wood handle and perch Parrot Funhouse
Lovebird perching in BIRDKIN Travel Carrier for Small Parrots Parrot Funhouse
BIRDKIN Travel Carrier for Small Parrots Blackout cover Parrot Funhouse

BIRDKIN Travel Carrier for Small Parrots

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A Parrot Funhouse exclusive design, the BIRDKIN is a stylish and practical travel carrier made with the comfort and safety of your small parrots in mind.

Suitable for parrotlets, budgies, lovebirds and other similar sized parrots

14 reasons why you and your small parrot will love the BIRDKIN:

🦜 Multi-purpose - Travel carrier, shower cage, makeshift brooder/hospital cage, no-mess fresh chop station

🦜Sleek and light-weight design - just 1.6kg

🦜Made of high quality premium Perspex

🦜Fully transparent - birds prefer to go into a airy and bright carrier as compared to a opaque/metal bar carrier

🦜4 panel ventilation - keeps your bird cool and allows beneficial UV in unfiltered sunlight to go through

🦜100% stainless steel hardware - no rust, no risk of metal toxicity

🦜Removable food and water cups for easy washing

🦜Removable perch with 2 height options - suitable for long tail small parrots such as budgies, parakeets and conures

🦜Removable food and water cups - for easy washing

🦜Toy holder included - hang toys to keep your birds entertained on the go

🦜Natural hazel wood perch and handle - made in the UK, pesticide free and sustainably sourced

🦜Sturdy and ergonomic handle that doubles up as a perch for your birds

🦜Removable perch with 2 perch height options - suitable for both long and short tail parrots

🦜Collapsible design - can be disassembled and flat packed

🦜All parts are replaceable

🦜6 months local warranty

6 ways to use the BIRDKIN:

  1. Take your birds to gatherings, free flying meetups and events
  2. Bring your birds out for a walk to enjoy the outdoors and enjoy the benefits of unfiltered sunlight
  3. Transport your birds to the vet
  4. Use the BIRDKIN as a shower cage
  5. Serve your birds fresh fruits and vegetables inside the BIRDKIN to contain mess
  6. Turn the BIRDKIN into a makeshift brooder or hospital cage for very small chicks, sick or injured birds where a normal cage set up will not be ideal

Add an optional black-out cover ($59.90) for more comfort, security and when you need to travel inconspicuously 😉🚆🚌🚕

Why is the BIRDKIN better than other travel carriers out there?

Specially designed for your small parrot
Most travel carriers are either too small, too large, too short or intended for dogs and small animals. A travel carrier that is too small or too short is uncomfortable especially for long tailed small parrots such as budgerigars (budgies), while a travel carrier that is too large is bulky. The BIRDKIN has a sleek design that is lightweight (only 1.6kg) and practical. The length of the BIRDKIN will accommodate the wingspan and tail lengths of parrotlets, budgies, lovebirds and other similar sized birds, allowing your birds to move comfortably inside the BIRDKIN.

Your birds will be willing to go into the BIRDKIN
In a bird’s view, the interior of the BIRDKIN looks airy, bright and spacious, just like the outside surroundings. It is much easier to get a bird to accept going into the BIRDKIN as compared to a normal opaque carrier or a carrier with bars because they are small and dark, making your bird feel claustrophobic and trapped.

Transparent or opaque travel carrier according to your needs
The BIRDKIN black-out cover add on gives you the option to cover the BIRDKIN if you need to, while allowing ventilation. This would be helpful if you need to transport an anxious or sick bird.

Can be disassembled and flat packed
Unlike typical travel carriers, the BIRDKIN can be disassembled like an IKEA product and flatpacked for storage.

All parts are replaceable
At Parrot Funhouse, we want to do our part for the Earth by reducing unnecessary waste, so every single part of the BIRDKIN is replaceable including the perch, so you can use the BIRDKIN for a long long time. We offer repair services and replacement parts.

Every BIRDKIN comes with 6 months local warranty
We are probably the only company that does this, but we believe in the BIRDKIN so much that we are happy to offer a 6 month warranty for our Singapore customers. This means that we will offer free exchanges, free parts replacements and/or free repairs covering defects in manufacturing, materials and workmanship.

NOTE: The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, defects or malfunction caused by misuse, abuse or improper maintenance, failure to follow assembly instructions, or used in a way that it is not intended to be used. Warranty doesn’t cover cosmetic or incidental damages. Also, the warranty will not apply to damage caused by unauthorized alteration, modification or repair of the product.

BIRDKIN dimensions and weight
Length: 24cm
Width: 20cm
Height including handle: 40cm
Height excluding handle: 33cm
Weight: approximately 1.6kg

Made of 100% bird safe materials
BIRDKIN panels: Premium Perspex (acrylic)
Metal hardware: Stainless steel
Food and water bowls: Stainless steel
Handle and perch: 100% natural, pesticide free, sustainably sourced natural hazel wood from a UK woodland

Important safety notes
BIRDKIN is intended to be used as a travel carrier for small parrots and is not intended to be permanent housing for any bird.

Use under supervision, do not leave bird inside for prolonged periods, attended or unattended.

Do not leave bird inside BIRDKIN under direct sunlight for prolonged periods without sufficient shade.

Handle BIRDKIN carefully especially with bird inside. Avoid knocking BIRDKIN against hard surfaces. BIRDKIN can scratch or crack with improper use.

Assembling/disassembling the BIRDKIN
Follow the steps in the provided assembly manual to properly assemble and disassemble the BIRDKIN. You will require a cross-head screwdriver and pliers for assembly and disassembly.

Transforming the BIRDKIN to a makeshift brooder or hospital cage
The perch in the BIRDKIN can be removed to transform the BIRDKIN from a travel carrier to a makeshift brooder or hospital cage for sick birds. Simply use a cross head screwdriver to unscrew the screws holding the perch in place and remove the perch. Lay the bottom of the BIRDKIN with bedding or towels and use heat pads to warm up one side of the BIRDKIN, leaving the other side unheated to allow birds to cool down if they wished to. The internal temperature of the BIRDKIN makeshift brooder/hospital cage should be between 28-30 degrees Celsius.

Cleaning the BIRDKIN
BIRDKIN can be washed under running water or wiped with a soft cloth. To prevent scratches, do not scrub BIRDKIN with cleaning materials with an abrasive surface such as a scouring pad.

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