Bird Trick Toy Pack Parrot Funhouse
Bird Trick Toy Birdie Bin 8x10cm Parrot Funhouse
Bird Trick Birdie Slide 42x13x20.5cm Parrot Funhouse
Bird Trick Birdie Soccer Set with 3 balls 19.5x7.5x11cm Parrot Funhouse

Bird Trick Toy Pack

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Would you like to teach your parrot to..

  • Slide down a slide?
  • Put in and retrieve objects from a bin?
  • Shoot some goals?

Our Bird Trick Toy Pack contains all the props to teach your bird these challenging tricks, or you can purchase them separately.

Bird Trick Toy Pack contains:

  1. 1 Birdie Slide (42x13x20.5cm)
  2. 1 Birdie Bin (8x10cm)
  3. 1 Birdie Soccer Set with 3 balls (19.5x7.5x11cm)

The toys in this toy pack are teaching props for intermediate level tricks. It is highly recommended that your parrot is familiar with the basic training concepts such as clicker and target training before introducing these trick props.

If you are just starting out, our Bird Training Pack is a great starter kit with everything you need to begin training with your parrot.

Suitable for small to medium sized parrots from budgies to amazons and other similar sized birds.

What are the benefits of training my parrot?
Training with your parrot using kind, respectful and positive reinforcement training methods is extremely beneficial to their overall well being and is 100% guaranteed to vastly improve your relationship with your birds.

Parrots are extremely intelligent animals. Did you know that scientists have found that parrots have the intelligence equal to a mid-sized primate and a five year old human child? Training your parrot gives them a sense of challenge and achievement which enriches their mind.

Parrots are flock animals and require a lot of attention. Training with your birds is a form of giving them attention which is a great bonding experience especially when they associate you with fun playtime and desirable rewards. Training is a great way to build trust especially with an untame and handshy bird.

Due to their intelligence and need for attention, a bored parrot is likely to develop undesirable behavior and habits such as screaming, aggression, chronic egg laying, feather plucking etc. Training regularly with your parrots will help keep them stimulated and occupied, reducing or preventing those problem behaviours.

Acrylic, non-toxic plastic, wood

Never starve, weight manage or restrict your bird from an appropriate diet when training!

The toys in the Bird Trick Toy Pack are meant to be used under supervision only.
The toys in this toy pack are designed to be durable. Examine the toys on a regular basis and replace the toy if it becomes excessively damaged.

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