Our Story

As a parrot parent with four lovebirds of my own, I know the desire to protect and care for your precious birds in all aspects of their lives.

Unable to find the quality products I was searching for in Singapore, I started Parrot Funhouse on a mission to provide birds and their owners with unmatched, unique and quality products. As small, beautiful and delicate creatures, our birds deserve the utmost care, so they can happily chirp for a lifetime.

Parrot Funhouse is your go-to source for all things if you have a small parrot to care for. From toys to accessories, to bird cage covers, and rescue packs for sick birds, chronic egg laying birds and feather pluckers, you can find them at Parrot Funhouse.

We’re an independent store, but we go far and wide to source the best and safest toys and accessories for your feathered friend. As bird owners ourselves, we know how important your bird is to you. And we wouldn’t sell anything we wouldn’t use for our very own lovebirds.

Through extensive research and testing, we’re able to provide high-quality products that make your bird’s life safer and more satisfying. From the partners we source materials from, to the quality and carefulness infused in each piece, we’re devoted to delivering what your bird will benefit from most.

While small birds are our specialty, all parrots are important to us. We are the only business in Singapore that specializes in providing made-to-measure bird-cage covers for all types of birds, and all bird cage sizes.

We’re available for questions, consultations, and assistance for new bird owners or for issues that arise along the way. While owning a bird is a big responsibility, here at Parrot Funhouse, we also celebrate the FUN that comes with living with parrots.