(NEW) Seagrass Climbing Net
(NEW) Seagrass Climbing Net
(NEW) Seagrass Climbing Net

(NEW) Seagrass Climbing Net

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Updated length based on customer feedback!

This seagrass climbing net provides a fun hanging play area that your bird can climb and swing about on to give your birds hours of fun and exercise!

The colourful wooden blocks and plastic beads provides a variety of textures to stimulate your birds’ interest while the chewable natural seagrass mat provides plenty for your bird to chew, pick and preen. 

Comes with 4 stainless steel quick links that easily attaches anywhere in or out of your bird's cage and can be hung vertically or suspended horizontally. 

The climbing net can be also rolled up into a sleeping roll or hammock, a bird-safe alternative to furry/fabric tents, huts and hammocks. Find out why here.

Play ideas for the Seagrass Climbing Net

  • Attach the net to the side or roof of your parrot's cage
  • Suspend it from the ceiling
  • Make a window perch: Attach the net to a glass window
  • Weave bird-safe shredding materials through the net for added enrichment
  • Make a fun activity net: Tie or attach other bird toys or a variety of bird safe materials to provide a variety of textures

Size: 38x15cm

Suitable for small parrots such as parrotlets, budgies, lovebirds, cockatiels, conures and other similar sized birds. The toys are suitable for all types of cages.

Why do birds need climbing toys?
Climbing is a natural activity for parrots. Although wild parrots can fly, they love to climb through trees and vines, using their beak as a third foot. Our pet parrots do not get as much flight opportunities, so it is important to provide a playing environment that simulates a parrot’s natural habitat.

Climbing is even more important for clipped or special needs parrots. As they cannot fly (well) to get from one place to another, you’d notice that they will climb, jump and swing instead. By providing climbing toys in your parrot’s playing environment, you are providing your bird much needed opportunities for active play and exercise.

Handwoven using 100% bird safe, natural and non-toxic materials

The metal hanging clip supplied with the toy is made of bird-safe stainless steel (NO lead/zinc)

When introducing new toys to your bird, monitor your bird with the toy for the first few days until you are sure he is interacting safely with his new toy.

This toy is designed to be destructible, yet durable. Examine the toy on a regular basis and replace it if it becomes excessively damaged.

This toy comes with a metal cage clip. When hanging the toy on the cage bars ensure that the cage clip is fully screwed on to prevent entrapment.

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Or get it in these toy packs

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