Blessings Birdie Hongbao Toy Pack (2022 edition)

Blessings Birdie Hongbao Toy Pack (2022 edition)

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Our super popular Birdie Hongbao Bird Toy Packs šŸ§§ are back again this year - even bigger and better!

Each Birdie Hongbao toy pack will contain never-before-launched bird toys, seasonal specials, previously sold out bestsellers AND a sure-win hongbao packed with freebies and discount codes.

We have specially handpicked 7Ā shredding, chewing, foraging, preening, climbing, sound making,Ā foot toysĀ and perches with a variety of textures, different materials and interesting shapes to meet most of your small parrot's enrichment needs. This pack also includes an Avian Tea BlendĀ packed with organic, human-grade flowers and herbs with an includedĀ Stainless Steel Avian Tea Filter!

There are 5 types of Birdie Hongbao Toy Packs: Prosperity, Longevity, Blessings, AuspiciousĀ andĀ Abundanceļ»æ.

BlessingsĀ Birdie Hongbao Toy Pack contains:

    • 1xĀ Limited Edition Stainless Steel Swing (ranges from 18.5 to 23cm)
    • 1x Pepperwood perch (24cm)
    • 1x Vine Mat Foraging Pouch (31x20cm)
    • 2x Super Bird Creations Woven Bamboo Sticks (13x1.5cm each)
    • 1x Medium Stainless Steel Birdie Bell (21x2.5cm)
    • 1x Woven Ball (10x6cm)
    • 1x OrganicĀ Avian Tea BlendĀ (20g)
    • 1x Stainless Steel Avian Tea Filter (5x5cm)
    • Bonus Hongbao

    Suitable for all species and sizes of parrots, except for the Limited Edition Stainless Steel Swing which is more suitable for small parrots such as parrotlets, budgies, lovebirds, cockatiels, conures and other similar sized birds.

    Imported from USA
    Some of the toys in this toy pack are imported from USA, which means the toys have passed rigorous safety standards.

    Why do birds need shredding toys?
    Shredding is a natural activity for parrots and are critical to their psychological well being. Being natural foragers, shredding foliage away from food is part of their natural feeding behavior. You might have seen your own birds shredding their perches, newspapers at the bottom of the cage or even your important documents! 

    By providing shredding toys, you will provide your bird with opportunities for natural activities similar to those that would occur in the wild. You will have happier birds who are interested in exploring and shredding their toys than screaming and developing other behavioral problems.

    Why do birds need chewing toys?
    Chewing is a natural activity for parrots and is critical to their psychological well being.

    Parrot beaks were designed for chewing. Wild parrots spend hours each day utilizing their strong beaks to chew leaves and bark, chiseling away at nest holes, tearing up branches looking for food or extracting food from a pea pod or walnut. You might have seen your own birds chewing on their perches or even your wood furniture!

    By providing chewing toys, you will provide your bird with opportunities for natural activities similar to those that would occur in the wild. Not only does this activity keep beaks and nails healthy, but it helps maintain alertness and mental stability. You will have happier birds who are interested in exploring and chewing their toys than screaming and developing other behavioral problems.

    Why do birds need foraging toys?
    Foraging is a behavioral need for parrots. Wild parrots spend up to 70% of their day searching for food. After finding food, they have to crack and peel open their food which takes most of their day and keeps them occupied. Also, it has been found that parrots prefer to perform some sort of work for food even when "free" food is available.

    By providing foraging toys, you will provide your bird with a purpose, a mental challenge, increased opportunities for exercise, play time and a reward for their effort!

    Why do birds need preening toys?
    Preening toys are toys with fibres, loose strands or knots that your parrot can pull, pick at and pull apart. You might have seen your own birds picking at fabric fibres to entertain themselves or preening your hair. These toys enable parrots to mimic natural preening behaviour and can help to reduce over-preening of their own feathers which damages the natural feathers.  Providing your bird appropriate preening toys can also distract them from picking at fabric/cotton fibres which are unsafe for them. They can also be helpful if your bird has a tendency to overpreen his own feathers. 

    Why do birds need climbing toys?
    Climbing is a natural activity for parrots. Although wild parrots can fly, they love to climb through trees and vines, using their beak as a third foot. Our pet parrots do not get as much flight opportunities, so it is important to provide a playing environment that simulates a parrot’s natural habitat.

    Climbing is even more important for clipped or special needs parrots. As they cannot fly (well) to get from one place to another, you’d notice that they will climb, jump and swing instead. By providing climbing toys in your parrot’s playing environment, you are providing your bird much needed opportunities for active play and exercise.

    Why do birds need sound making toys?

    Sound making toys are toys that make a noise when played with. Parrots are instinctively driven by sound. Apart from communicating, parrots make a variety of sounds to entertain themselves. Toys that tinkle, jangle or even 'speak' when played with can be high stimulating to parrots and provide a more melodious distraction to screaming!

    But did you know that most conventional bells such as jingle bells and cowbells pose safety hazards such as exposed clangers, unsafe metal and tiny gaps that can trap and injure?

    Specially designed with your parrot's safety and wellbeing in mind, the Stainless Steel Birdie Bell has the following safety features:

    • Made of 100% food-grade stainless steel (NO lead/zinc)
    • Comes with a screw-tight stainless steel cage link that can be fully closed (Clips that can be pushed open by birds are unsafe as they can trap beaks, toes and leg bands)
    • Virtually indestructible by most parrots
    • Completely enclosed clanger makes it safe for little beaks and feet
    • Welded chain

    What are foot toys?
    Parrot foot toys are toys that your parrot can hold in his foot or push around easily with his beak. They are huge favorites among ground-feeding birds (such as budgies, parakeets, cockatiels, cockatoos, African greys), clipped birds or parrots who simply love playing on the ground.

    Because of their smaller size, they are great toys to introduce to shy parrots and can be a great way to teach a parrot how to play with toys. Foot toys are very versatile as they can be used alone or added to other foraging toys, toy buckets or bowls in your bird’s cage.

    Why do birds need natural wood perches?
    Birds, especially our pet birds, are standing on perches for most of the day. In the wild, they would be flying and perching on tree branches - with no two branches being the same. Hence, natural wooden perches are very important as they provide parrots natural areas to perch on like they do in the wild.

    Natural wood perches are the best perch option for birds out of all perches (plastic, dowel, rope, sand/concrete) because the natural textures and varying diameters of the wood are very comfortable to perch on and helps to exercise their feet.

    This prevents arthritis (pain and swelling in the joints) and bumblefoot, usually caused by perching on perches that have the same diameter. Bumblefoot is a common, and extremely painful condition where the skin on the foot starts to wear away due to constant pressure on the same spot which can eventually lead to infection.

    The length variations in natural wood perches also encourage much-needed exercise as birds hop, climb or fly between perches.

    Handmade using 100% bird safe, natural and non-toxic materials
    Bamboo, raffia palm, coffee (Java) wood, balsa wood, seagrass, paper, manila rope

    The Pepperwood Perch (24cm) is made of natural, untreated prickly ash wood

    The Limited Edition Stainless Steel Swing is made of acrylic, birch wood, hazel wood and stainless steel

    The Stainless Steel Avian Tea Filter is made of food-grade stainless steel

    The metal hanging clips and hardware supplied with the toys and perches are made of bird-safe nickel-plated steel and bird-safe stainless steel (NO lead/zinc)

    Organic Soak 'n Serve Mix ingredients
    Adzuki beans (non-GMO), buckwheat raw groats, brown flaxseed, brown lentils, chickpeas (non-GMO), corn, hulled millet, whole blue peas (non-GMO)

    Organic Foraging Mix ingredients
    Lavender flowers, chamomile flowers, lemon balm, chrysanthemum flowers, rose petals, hibiscus flowers

    When introducing new toys to your bird, monitor your bird with the toy for the first few days until you are sure he is interacting safely with his new toy.

    The toys in this toy pack are designed to be destructible, yet durable. Examine the toys on a regular basis and replace the toy if it becomes excessively damaged.

    Some of the toys come with a metal cage clip. When hanging the toys on the cage bars ensure that the cage clip is fully screwed on to prevent entrapment.

    7 ways to serve the Organic Avian Tea Blend (20g)

    1. Brew the tea ingredients in hot/cold water and let your birds drink directly - with or without the flowers and herbs in

    2. Add dry or brewed tea ingredients directly into your birds' fresh chop

    3. Add dry tea ingredients into your birds' dry food mix for enrichment and to encourage foraging behaviour

    4. Add dry tea ingredients into suitable foraging toys

    5. Scatter the dry tea ingredients into a dry shallow dish for your birds to forage and browse through as an enrichment activity

    6. Offer the tea water in a bath, or shower your birds with the tea water using a spray/mist bottle

    7. Ice tea lollies: Freeze the tea water into ice cubes and offer your birds to cool down on a hot day (optional: add fresh fruits in the ice cubes)

    How to brew the tea:

    1. Add 1.5 tsp of tea to 300ml of water

    2. Brew the tea using either one of the following methods:

    • Hot brew: Steep tea blend in hot (70-80°c) water for 3-5 minutes OR
    • Cold brew: Steep tea blend in cool water for 6-12 hours in the fridge

    Feeding directions:

    Can be fed to all parrot sizes

    Can be fed interchangeably for variety and enrichment

    Can be served daily

    Preparation and serving tips:

    Never use boiling water to brew tea as boiling water will destroy the beneficial compounds in almost any tea

    You can choose to strain the tea ingredients with the provided Stainless Steel Avian Tea Filter or leave the tea ingredients in the tea

    When first provided with tea, some birds will be suspicious so it is recommended to dilute the tea with more water and increase the concentration as they become familiar with the appearance and taste of the tea over time

    Serve fresh, plain water alongside the tea to give birds a choice

    Storage and safety tips:

    Refrigerate unserved brewed tea for up to 2 days

    Remove brewed tea from your bird's cage after 4 hours to avoid spoilage as tea is a raw, whole food source

    If brewing the tea in hot water, make sure to cool tea to room temperature before serving

    Store in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight

    Complementary parrot food. This product is not a replacement for water.

    This is a pet product which is not intended to be used for medicinal purposes or cure any illness, nor for human consumption.

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