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(RESTOCK) Bird Training Clicker + Whistle

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Would you like to..

  • Build a positive relationship with your parrot?
  • Help your parrot be less scared or aggressive (taming)?
  • Teach your parrot to step up?  
  • Teach your parrot to fly to you on command (recall)?
  • Teach your parrot fun tricks?
  • Properly train your parrot without needing to lure with a treat?

Our Bird Training Clicker + Whistle is a training aid that combines two of the most important bird training tools; a clicker and a whistle, making it an essential training product to teach your bird these positive reinforcement training concepts:

  • Clicker training
  • Whistle training
  • Target training (*requires a straight stick)
  • Trick training


  • Wipe-clean plastic
  • Ergonomic design that makes it easy to use and hold
  • Stretchable wristband
  • The whistle provides the additional flexibility to include distance commands to a training program such as outdoor free flying recall

Learn more about how you can start clicker and target training your birds here.

This Bird Training Clicker + Whistle is included in our Bird Training Starter Kit. The kit contains everything you need to start training with your birds.

Suitable for all parrots.

What are the benefits of training my parrot?
Training with your parrot using kind, respectful and positive reinforcement training methods is extremely beneficial to their overall well being and is 100% guaranteed to vastly improve your relationship with your birds.

Parrots are extremely intelligent animals. Did you know that scientists have found that parrots have the intelligence equal to a mid-sized primate and a five year old human child? Training your parrot gives them a sense of challenge and achievement which enriches their mind.

Parrots are flock animals and require a lot of attention. Training with your birds is a form of giving them attention which is a great bonding experience especially when they associate you with fun playtime and desirable rewards. Training is a great way to build trust especially with an untame and handshy bird.

Due to their intelligence and need for attention, a bored parrot is likely to develop undesirable behavior and habits such as screaming, aggression, chronic egg laying, feather plucking etc. Training regularly with your parrots will help keep them stimulated and occupied, reducing or preventing those problem behaviours.

Recall training with your parrots provides them the opportunity to practice flying, keeps them active and improves their stamina and fitness too!


How clicker training works

The goal of clicker training is to cause your bird to associate the sound of the clicker = getting a reward (click = treat).

How to get birds used to the clicker

1. Click the clicker

2. Immediately give your bird a treat

3. If your bird shows any sign of distress or fear towards the presence and sound of the clicker, keep the clicker out of view and/or muffle the sound of the clicker

4. Repeat until you notice your bird watching for a treat every time they hear the sound of the clicker

Once your birds are used to the clicker, move on to the regular clicker training steps

1. Bird performs a desired behaviour

2. Click once the moment your bird performs the desired behaviour

3. Offer a treat

4. Repeat until you notice your bird watching for a treat every time they hear the sound of the clicker

Or get it in these toy packs

Also found in these rescue packs

Or get it in these toy packs

Also found in these rescue packs