List of safe nuts for parrots

A healthy, varied and nutritious diet for your parrot includes:

  1. A reputable parrot pellet brand
  2. Fruits (bird-safe list here)
  3. Vegetables (bird-safe list here)
  4. Grains (bird-safe list here)
  5. Flowers (bird-safe list here)
  6. Herbs and spices (bird-safe list here)
  7. Sprouts (bird-safe list here)
  8. Nuts (occasionally)
  9. Seeds (sparingly) (bird-safe list here)

Important notes

  • Nuts offered to parrots should be unsalted and human-grade. Avoid buying animal-grade nuts as they are lower quality and have higher risks of mold
  • Nuts are a huge favourite among parrots and are great as treats or a small snack
  • Nuts are high in protein and fat. It is recommended to feed one or two nuts a day for most species. Macaws can take more nuts as they have a higher fat requirement
  • Feed sparingly to chronic egg laying birds as high protein and high fat food items encourage breeding behaviour
  • Nuts can be fed with the shell for larger parrots as this encourages foraging activity. Smaller parrot species may need shelled nuts
  • This list of nuts is the entirety of what we know are safe for parrots. If you know about a safe nut that have not been included, please contact us. However please do not contact us asking about other nuts not listed
Almonds Almonds safe for parrots

Highest in protein, calcium and dietary fiber

Can be sprouted

To sprout: soak for 8-12 hours, sprout in 12 hours

Brazil nuts   Brazil nuts safe for parrots Highest magnesium content
Cashew nuts Cashew nuts safe for parrots

Can be fed dry or soaked (soak for 2.5 hours)

Lowest proportion of fats 

Highest amounts of trace minerals zinc and copper

Recommended to serve de-shelled as the shells of cashew nuts contain toxins when super-fresh

Hazelnuts Hazelnuts safe for parrots

High in protein

High in nutrients such as manganese, magnesium copper, vitamin E and thiamine

Macadamia nuts Macadamia nuts safe for parrots

Highest proportion of fats and lowest proportion of protein

Recommended to serve de-shelled as the shells of macademias contain toxins when super-fresh

Pecan nuts Pecan nuts safe for parrots

Can be fed dry or soaked (soak for 4-6 hours)

Pine nuts

Pine nuts with shell Pine nuts with shell safe for parrots

Pine nuts without shell Pine nuts without shell safe for parrots

Pistachios Pistachios safe for parrots

Lowest proportion of fats 

Refrigerate or store in a cool dry cabinet. Pistachios will go rancid if stored in hot, humid conditions

Walnuts   Walnuts safe for parrots

Can be fed dry or soaked (soak for 4 hours)

Recommended to crack the shell of walnuts and check for mold

Avoid feeding

Peanuts (monkey nuts) Avoid feeding peanuts to parrots 

ONLY feed human grade peanuts, and preferably unshelled

Peanut shells, especially low quality animal-grade peanuts are known to harbor the mold Aspergillus flavus which can cause Aspergillosis in parrots

Aspergillosis is a very difficult-to-treat disease, and has high treatment failures

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