List of safe grains for parrots

A healthy, varied and nutritious diet for your parrot includes:

  1. A reputable parrot pellet brand
  2. Fruits (bird-safe list here)
  3. Vegetables (bird-safe list here)
  4. Grains
  5. Flowers (bird-safe list here)
  6. Herbs and spices (bird-safe list here)
  7. Sprouts (bird-safe list here)
  8. Nuts (occasionally) (bird-safe list here)
  9. Seeds (sparingly) (bird-safe list here)

Important notes

  • Grains can be fed daily but must be supplemented by other foods as they contain mainly carbohydrates and lack many essential nutrients
  • This list of grains is the entirety of what we know are safe for parrots. If you know about a safe grain that have not been included, please contact us. However please do not contact us asking about other grains not listed
Amaranth Amaranth safe for birds
Barley Barley safe for birds
Brown rice Cooked brown rice safe for birds Cook before serving

Oat groats Oat groats safe for birds

Kamut Kamut safe for birds
Maize Maize safe for birds
Oats Oats safe for birds
Pasta Pasta safe for birds Can be served cooked or dry but only serve unsalted
Quinoa (red, white, black)

Red quinoa
Red quinoa safe for birds

White quinoa White quinoa safe for birds

Black quinoa Black quinoa safe for birds

Rye Rye safe for birds
Spelt Spelt safe for birds
Teff Teff safe for birds
Wheat Wheatgrain safe for birds
Wholegrain rice Wholegrain rice safe for birds
Whole wheat bread Whole wheat bread safe for birds
Whole wheat cereals Whole wheat cereal safe for birds Unsweetened

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