List of safe flowers for parrots

A healthy, varied and nutritious diet for your parrot includes:

  1. A reputable parrot pellet brand
  2. Fruits (bird-safe list here)
  3. Vegetables (bird-safe list here)
  4. Grains (bird-safe list here)
  5. Flowers
  6. Herbs and spices (bird-safe list here)
  7. Sprouts (bird-safe list here)
  8. Nuts (occasionally) (bird-safe list here)
  9. Seeds (sparingly) (bird-safe list here)

Important notes

  • Although edible flowers aren’t typically something birds eat and they don’t have a lot of nutritional value, their colours and unique textures can provide an enriching, foraging-type of activity for parrots
  • Ensure that flowers are untreated, pesticide-free and preferably organic
  • You can grow your own flowers or buy “edible flowers” from the supermarket
  • Do not harvest flowers from the roadside as highly poisonous weed killers are used to eliminate weeds and plants along roads. The amount of carbon monoxide, oil lead etc from vehicles means roadside flowers and plants can be deadly
  • Do not use flowers from florists, nurseries or garden centers as these flowers have almost certainly been treated with pesticides which were not intended for food crops
  • Fresh or dried flowers in this list is safe for birds
  • Flowers can also be steeped in water like a tea. Only serve cooled
  • Wash flowers thoroughly before serving to your bird
  • This list of flowers is the entirety of what we know are safe for parrots. If you know about a safe flower that have not been included, please contact us. However please do not contact us asking about other flowers not listed
Bougainvillea flower Bougainvillea safe for parrots  
Calendula (Pot Marigold) flower Calendula safe for parrots Detoxifies 
Carnation flower Carnation safe for parrots Avoid dyed varieties
Chamomile flower Chamomile safe for parrots

Highly recommended for anxious and plucking birds as chamomile is a natural sedative and has calming properties

Great for birds who are prone to night frights (such as cockatiels)

Feed dry, steep in water to make a tea, provide a chamomile tea bath or spray directly on feathers 

Chives Chive flowers safe for parrots  
Chrysanthemum flower Chrysanthemum safe for parrots  
Courgette (zucchini) flower Courgette zucchini flower safe for parrots  
Daisy Daisy flowers safe for parrots  
Echinacea flower Echinacea safe for parrots  
Hibiscus flower Hibiscus flower safe for parrots One of the favorite flowers of most parrots
Jasmine flower Jasmine safe for parrots Yellow Jasmine/ Carolina Jasmine/ False Jasmine is not safe for parrots
Kumquat Kumquat safe for parrots  
Lavender Angustifolia flower Lavender safe for parrots  
Lemon Lemon flower safe for parrots  
Lime Lime flower safe for parrots  
Linden flower Linden safe for parrots  
Nasturtium flower Nasturtium safe for parrots

Red, yellow, and orange flowers have a tangy, peppery flavor and very most popular with parrots

Leaves can be eaten too

Orange flower Orange flower safe for parrots  
Okra (lady's finger) flower  Okra lady's finger flower safe for parrots  
Pansy flower

Pansy safe for parrots Pansies safe for parrots

Plum flower Plum flower safe for parrots  
Red Clover Red clover safe for parrots  
Rose Rose safe for parrots


Rosehip Rosehip safe for parrots

High in vitamin C and helps maintain liver and kidney health

Good for fatigue and helps the body recover from illness

Sunflower Sunflower safe for parrots  

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